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And the Oscar goes to…


Press for Mary C. McCall Jr. 

Guest Post: When a Woman Called the Shots at the Screen Writers Guild

McCall event at WGF:


Listen to Forum, KQED, with Victoria Riskin, Karina Longworth, and Smyth on #MeToo and golden-age Hollywood 

Smyth discusses Hedy Lamarr for the BBC 

On Hollywood’s Horrible History, Harvey Weinstein, and the Casting Couch:


At the 2018 Zinnemann festival, Rzeszow: 



On Olivia de Havilland’s 100th birthday, Smyth discusses the star as part of Women’s Hour. 

With Oliver Stone:



 Children of Giant:

Press for Children of Giant:

And for Edna Ferber:

“Everything Is Copy”: Nora and Phoebe Ephron (BBC’s Great Lives)

Programmer and Host of Fred Zinnemann at the Getty:

Women in Westerns (BBC):

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